We have developed the YII2-based Software Tool with the API integration possibility

Profiling module

The Methodology of a private investor Risk Profiling is applied in the key Profiling module

Part 1. Investment
Step 1. Your Investment
Step 2. Financial planning
Step 3. Your expectations
Risk Ability
Part 2. Knowledge and Experience
Step 4. Your experience
Шаг 5. Your knowledge
Knowledge and Experience
Part 3. Behavior
Step 6. Your attitude towards losses
Step 7. Your attitude to uncertainty
Step 8. Your investment temperament
Risk Tolerance

In just 8 Steps the Profiling module:

  • determines the Risk Profile of a private investor based on the 1-5 scale (the change to 3 or 7 is possible
  • analyzes the factors influencing the Risk Profile (Risk Ability and Risk Tolerance, Investment Behavior)
  • recommends the asset allocation which best suits the Risk Profile of a private investor (taking into account his Knowledge and Experience
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